Alcohol lowers type 2 diabetes risk

Can Alcohol Lower Your Risk Of Diabetes?

An article published on WebMD highlights a recent study by Danish researchers who contend that people who drink alcohol moderately, like a glass of wine or pint of beer daily, might have a lower risk when it comes to developing type 2 diabetes. The study looked at over 70,000 people this study and determined that there was an association and not a cause and effect relationship. Doctors are not recommending increasing your alcohol intake.

The study showed that spreading their alcohol consumption over 3 to 4 days per week instead of just once per week were the greatest benefactors of lower risk. Also, wine showed to be the most protective of all the types of alcohol.

Again, doctors are cautioning against an increase in alcohol consumption, but it was an interesting observation when it comes to lowering the chances of developing type 2 diabetes. If you have questions about diabetes or your diabetes diagnosis, we recommend contacting your doctor.

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