Cosmopolitan Club of Norfolk

Membership Message from John Keeley, Cosmopolitan International Vice President for Membership & New Clubs

Please bring a guest for fellowship to your next club function and repeat this two more times during the Cosmo year. One of your guests may already be involved in community service and cannot take on another commitment. That’s okay because they understand that all of us are called by God to serve one another and will endorse and refer your club to others.

Another guest may defer the invitation to join your club until sometime in the future.

Your third guest has been waiting to be asked and you just did not realize this. They are ready to experience the fellowship and the personal fulfillment derived from working side-by-side with other like-minded Cosmos in our fight to find a cure for diabetes.

And remember, you can earn a $100 gift card for sponsoring three new members in a calendar quarter. With the holidays quickly approaching, that is some serious cash incentive! Questions? Contact John Keeley, International V.P. Membership and New Clubs (

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