Apple Optical Blood Sugar Scanner

Apple Developing Sensors To Check And Monitor Blood Sugar

Apple is working to develop sensors that check and monitor blood sugar levels in a non-invasive way. Originally a vision of Steve Jobs, this project has been ongoing for over five years.

Apple has hired a team of biomedical engineers and have even begun feasibility trials. Typically, to check blood sugar, a prick to draw a blood sample is necessary. However, it’s reported that Apple is looking at optical sensors that shine a light through the skin to check glucose.

Since diabetes is a growing concern in the United States, this could be great timing if a company could develop technology to help in the fight. As always, we’re looking for people to join in the fight here with us. If you are tired of diabetes like us, consider joining the Cosmopolitan Club of Norfolk. We can use you!


image credit: Sean MacEntee on flickr

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